What Do Sharks See Humans As? Our 5 Things Attracts Them

What do sharks see when they look at humans? Some may say that it is a mindless prey; others may think that this creature is an enemy. What are the true thoughts in the mind of a shark looking at us?

To answer this question, we must first consider what color human skin appears to sharks. 

We all know that sharks have excellent night vision and can distinguish between colors, but how well do they see them?

In this blog post, I’ll be talking about what sharks see humans as and why we need to understand their perspective so that we can work together instead of against each other!

What Do Sharks See Humans As?

In simple words, what do sharks see humans as? Humans or prey?

Sharks view humans as enemies. When a shark sees humans, it sees them as food. 

The reason for this is that humans are not part of their ecosystem; therefore, they are seen as invaders and harmful to the balance of the sea. 

For this reason alone, sharks deem it necessary to attack them.

Not all sharks see humans as food. Some sharks even play with humans.

Most people believe that what attracts sharks to humans is the fishy smell of the ocean. This is what attracts them to humans; what do you think?

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Do Sharks See Humans as Seals?

One of the most common reasons sharks attack humans is that they see them as a piece of prey, such as a seal. 

This is believed to be what happens when you are in their territory and what makes it more dangerous for you if there happens to be any nearby. 

So, Yes, sharks see humans as seals and always want to eat them.

Do Sharks Always Want To Eat Humans?

Sharks do not always want to eat humans. Some attacks are what we call “hit and run,” which means that the shark bit someone but did not follow through with their meal. 

Sometimes, sharks will bite to defend themselves or mistake a human for prey like an animal (like seals). 

Once the shark realizes what it has bitten is not what is expected, it will leave. 

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Do Sharks Like Human Blood?

Yes, sharks love blood. Sharks may come near you if you are swimming, diving, or just fishing in the ocean without any warning. 

Pollution of the oceans with blood is what attracts sharks to humans.

When sharks smell blood in the water, they can sense what direction it is coming from and swim towards it. 

Some sharks come to feed on dead animals that float in the oceans or rivers after an oil spill or other types of pollution. 

For many sharks, humans are nothing but what they consider another dead animal.

When sharks attack humans, it is usually because of confusion and their incredible ability to sense the blood’s direction.

Because of this, humans can also increase the chances of shark attacks. 

Several recorded cases where divers who had just used their knives on fish were attacked by sharks that confused what they saw as another dead animal.

Many divers and swimmers who go to the ocean do not know what attracts sharks to humans, but we know that sharks do like the taste of human blood and will continue attacking an injured human if given a chance.

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When Do Sharks Attack Most To Humans?

There is no specific time of day or the general conditions under which sharks will attack most humans. The only pattern is what time of year the attacks take place.

The majority of attacks take place during the summertime, mainly because there are more humans in the water at this time. 

More people go to beaches or oceans for recreation, so sharks will be around them, picking up on their scent. 

They also have more people in the water to pick out what type of creature they are.

Towards the end of summer, more sharks will be given birth, and their numbers (population) will rise for the season. 

This also contributes to what time of year most shark attacks happen because their population peaks. 

The time of day does not play a role in what time of year shark attacks happen.

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What To Do If a Shark Is Circling You?

Sharks may circle humans as they’re curious yet not guaranteed to attack if a shark circle you, splash water in its face or tap it on the nose to scare it away. 

In any case, work together with your partner and swim towards shore to sense what sharks see when they attack.

If you’re treading water and the shark circles you, drop something like a ball or ring towards the shark. 

Then the shark is likely to grab it rather than you. This isn’t ensured to spare your life yet might enable you to get out of that place.

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What To Do if a Shark Attacks You and How to Survive?

If a shark has hit you, what do sharks see humans as, remain in the same position? 

That is the place where it will assume you’re dead and leave.

If you’re attacked, what do sharks see when they attack? 

Then attempt what scientists think attracts sharks to humans and what makes them attack.

Punch the shark when they attack; go for its eyes, gills, or nose. Avoid hitting the fins since you could get stuck within them. 

Spread your fingers out and jab when they attack ‘s eyes; visit what do sharks see in humans to study the reason for this hypothesis.

Going for the shark’s underbelly when they attack is most likely what attracts them to humans. 

Attempt to push your weight against it by kicking towards its nose, hold onto its gills what makes them attack wriggle.

Keep your leg still, however much as could be expected, particularly is that the area surrounding the wound turns white since there’s no blood, particularly in case you’re bleeding profusely.

How Do Sharks Distinguish Between Human Blood & Fish Blood?

Sharks are known as ‘Obligate Carnivores,’ which means that they must eat meat to survive. 

However, this doesn’t mean that all sharks will indiscriminately attack anything in the water; in fact, many shark species will only attack when provoked.

Sharks distinguish between human blood and fish blood like we can identify what a friend is wearing from what they smell like by looking at them.

When a shark smells a drop of blood in the water, it is automatically attracted to what that drop means. 

Knowing what the fall represents allows the shark to decide whether eating what it has found will be beneficial or not for its survival.

If the shark catches what it has smelled, it will release its grip and let the creature go. 

After this, the shark is liable to attack again; repeated attacks may make sharks associate what they are smelling with what they can easily catch and eat.

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5 Reason That Attracts Sharks To Humans

We all know what sharks do to humans. Sharks see and treat us as prey which is what we are for them: food.

But what attracts the attention of these animals? Is it our blood or something else they detect with their other senses like hearing, smell, touch, and sight?

They hear people splashing in the water.

They smell blood in the water.

They touch their prey with their teeth and feel what it is.

Their sight catches what looks like a fish or other animal to eat. 

Sharks are very sensitive, and they can sense things even better than we do. That’s why all people should be aware of what attracts sharks’ attention when entering shark territory.

Bright colors in water can attract sharks because they see what looks like that when it comes to fish.

They hear heartbeats of what seems like a large animal or prey coming closer. This is what humans do when swimming, even if there’s no splashing involved, too.

Sharks smell blood in the water very well. Sometimes, what looks like a fish to them is actually more of what they can smell coming from the water or what’s around.

Humans look very similar to e animals that are their typical prey. Sharks’ sight detects us as food.


In conclusion, sharks, in general, do not see humans as a food source. 

Instead, people who have been attacked claim that sharks see humans in the same way they would see a sea lion or fish. 

However, because of what we know about how territorial and aggressive sharks can be towards one another. 

What happens is that when swimmers get close to the sharks, they mistake them for another shark, and what ends up happening is that the shark will bump into the swimmers to get their attention. 

This is what leads to what people think are unprovoked attacks. It appears that what makes humans so attractive to these fish is not blood.

But rather a movement in the water because what tends to happen within 24 hours of an attack is that what was once calm waters will turn violent likely due to sharks trying to claim back what they think belongs to them.

So do you ever see sharks on the beach? What do you think the sharks see you as? Food or normal human? Comment down below!

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