7 Pink Aquarium Plants That Will Make Your Tank Beautiful

Did you know that pink plants are not just pink?

There is a lot of variety in the pink plant family. This article will explore 7 pink aquarium plants, discussing their benefits and drawbacks.

You’ll also find out how to care for pink aquarium plants, if they need fertilizer or CO2, and where to buy pink aquatic plants.

7 Best Pink Aquarium Plants

Pink Aquarium Plants
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There are pink plants, and then there are pink aquarium plants.

Each type has its benefits and drawbacks that you should be aware of before deciding whether to add them to your tank. 

Here is my list of 7 best pink aquarium plants:

Pink Cryptocoryne Wendtii

This pink aquatic plant is widely considered an excellent beginner’s aquarium plant.

It doesn’t need CO₂, fertilizer, or special lighting and it will flourish in just about any tank. 

Remember to plant pink crypts with the roots facing down.

Pink Dwarf Hairgrass

Pink dwarf hairgrass is a pink aquarium plant that has very fine detail to it.

It is perfect for the mid-ground of your tank and can help bring about some definition in its area.

One of the great things about pink aquatic plants is that they are available at most pet stores, even if they don’t have an extensive selection. For example, PetSmart or Petco.

Pink Water Sprite (Ceratopteris thalictroides)

Pink water sprite is a pink plant that is often mistaken for pink Amazon swords.

These pink aquatic plants look great in pink planted aquariums and the pink colour of this plant is a nice contrast to green and red leaves.

Pink Water Wisteria (Hygrophila difformis)

Pink water wisteria is a beautiful pink shade and is a very peaceful plant.

It can be kept in both soft water aquariums as well as slightly harder ones.

Pink Vallisneria

 This pink aquarium plant is a very popular choice among hobbyists.

It grows quickly and has long stems that provide plenty of places for shrimp to hide.

Pink Ludwigia Repens 

Pink ludwigia repens can be found all over the world.

This pink aquarium plant can be used for creating a pink aquatic plant’s pink underwater garden.

Pink Ludwigia Repens is very easy to maintain and does not need much light or CO² support, however, it easily gets burned without proper lighting. 

Pink Cabomba 

The pink Cabomba aquarium plant is a pink stem plant that is a wonderful choice for any aquarium.

This pink aquatic flowering plant has fern-like leaves and pink flowers, along with green foliage.

It prefers medium to high light conditions, as well as CO² addition through the substrate or liquid fertilizer applied directly to the tank water.

The pink Cabomba grows up to 24 inches tall, so it is perfect for the back of any pink aquarium.

Benefits Of Pink Aquarium Plants

Benefits Of Pink Plants In Aquarium
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Here are the benefits of keeping pink aquarium plants in the aquarium:

Pink aquarium plants provide a colourful backdrop to the tank

Pink is a great colour for anyone who likes pink but wants variety in their fish tanks

Pink aquatic plants have an elegant look that makes them stand out from other kinds of vegetation. 

Pink aquarium plants are still part of the plant family, so they will provide oxygen to your fish tank

Pink aquatic plants come in many different shapes and sizes, which gives you options when it comes time for planting.

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Drawbacks Of Pink Plants In The Aquarium

Drawbacks Of Pink Plants In Aquarium
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There are a few drawbacks of pink plants in the aquarium. 

First, pink is not an extremely common colour for aquatic plants and pink plants may be difficult to find. 

Second, like all red-coloured aquatic plants, pink ones can do much better when CO² or fertilizers such as Seachem Flourish Excel™ Tabs (containing: Iron Chelate, Inorganic Carbon) are used.

Third, pink aquatic plants do not like much light and CO².

Are Pink Aquarium Plants Different From From Red?

Are Pink Aquarium Plants Different From From Red
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While pink plants are pink, they do not have a different nutritional or chemical makeup from red aquatic plants.

Pink and red aquarium plants need the same water parameters to thrive.

However, pink aquatic plants may stand out more against other colours in an aquascape because of their unique colour tones.  

Is pink fertilizer different from red?

No. Like most plants, pink aquatic plants need nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to thrive.

Though pink aquarium plants do not have a different nutritional makeup than red aquarium plants.

They may be more sensitive to the pH of water because pink plant pigments are affected by high or low pH levels in an aquascape.

How To Care For Pink Aquarium Plants

How To Care For Pink Aquarium Plants
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When it comes to pink aquarium plants, there are several things you need to consider. 

First of all pink aquatic plants require bright light since they originate from shallow waters where the sun is plentiful.

CO² supplementation is also necessary for pink aquatic plant growth and health so don’t forget your DIY CO² system or pressurized tank!

You can find pink aquatic plants in almost any fish store selling aquariums, but if pink is not your colour you can find them online too.

So go ahead and get pink aquatic plants for your tank today!

Do Pink Aquatic Plants Need Fertilizer?

Do Pink Aquatic Plants Need Fertilizer
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Some pink plants for the aquarium are anubias, which do not need additional fertilizers.

Other pink plants may grow with low levels of lighting and CO².

But these pink aquatic plants should still be given a fertilizer tab once a week to maintain their colouration.

Some pink aquatic plant species could also benefit from increased iron in the water because pink plants need more than just pink lighting to maintain their pink colours.

Do Pink Aquarium Plants Need CO2? 

Do Pink Aquarium Plants Need CO2
Image Source: Made With Canva

Pink plants for aquariums do not need CO², but they live better if you add them.

This is because pink aquatic plants are red and pink algae eaters need high levels of oxygen to survive in your tank.

The pink aquatic plant benefits are that they provide shade, increase the oxygen levels in your tank, and reduce algae growth by competing with green chlorophyll for nutrients.

The drawback of pink plants is that they compete with other fish for food because their leaves are pink and may not be very appetizing.

Where To Buy Pink Plants For Aquarium? 

Where To Buy Pink Plants For Aquarium
Image Source: Made With Canva

There are several pink plants available online. This pink plant is sold on Amazon. 

Pink plants are also available on eBay, Craigslist, and other online stores. 

The pink aquarium plants can be ordered from the local fish store as well, but they may take time to arrive due to shipping delays or international regulations.


So, pink aquarium plants are beautiful and easy to care for.

They make any tank pink or red depending on the species.

You can find pink aquatic plants in many online stores that sell fish tanks. 

These pink aquatic plants will help your tank look more colourful and they will not cost a lot of money to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Make your tank pink with the best pink aquarium plants!

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