Do Starfish Eat Sponges? 5 Benefits of Eating Sponges

Many people do not know that starfish do in fact eat sponges. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of eating sponges for starfish, whether there is any harm in eating sponges and what type of starfish do eat them. Furthermore, we will also explore how do starfish eat these creatures.

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Do starfish eat sponges? Yes, starfish do eat sponges. There is no harm in them eating these creatures since they are a sponge themselves. It can be said that starfish do in fact have a diet of organisms such as sponges, clams, tube worms and other marine life that do not have hard shells.

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Do Starfish Eat Sponges?

Do Starfish Eat Sponges
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Starfish are scavengers and will feast on any organism it can find, including dead animals or plants. They do not often eat sponges though, and when they do they will only really consume the soft parts.

In a study of California starfish (Asterias amurensis) from San Diego Bay it was found that less than 0.02% of their diet consisted of sponges. It is unclear why these animals do not eat sponges more often, but many believe it is because they do not have enough time or energy to do so.

This study also found that the starfish would consume other organisms such as sea cucumbers and hermit crabs.

The benefits of eating sponges for starfish are unknown, but one could assume that it is because of the lack of time or energy.

There do not seem to be any major harm for starfish eating sponges, and they will only really eat soft parts at most.

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Benefits of Eating Sponges for Starfish

Firstly, sponges do produce oxygen. In fact, they do so at a high rate! As such, it is an excellent food source for starfish to meet their need for oxygen while also obtaining their other dietary needs. Furthermore, the sponge has many nutrients which can be very beneficial for starfish.

Also, sponges do not have any poison in them, unlike some other sea creatures do which can be harmful for the starfish. As such, this would be a safer food source to consume than others!

Sponges are edible to many different types of marine life including sea stars. Sponges are a good source of food with low competition from other organisms and they do not compete for food with other marine life.

Furthermore, sponges do not have strong defenses to protect themselves and are unable to swim away from predators.

Is There Any Harm in Eating Sponges For Starfish?

While most starfish do eat sponges, it is important to note that some species of starfish do not do well when they consume sponges.

For example, the crown-of-thorns starfish lacks calcium in its diet and will only eat sponges to supplement this deficiency. But this can do harm to the starfish because they consume so many sponges and their calcium levels do not increase.

Additionally, while most species of starfish will eat a wide variety of sponges from different genera, there are some types that do better with specific sorts of sponge. For example, sea urchins in particular do well with eating a sponge that is rich in calcium.

The benefits of eating sponges for starfish are many and do not only include the abundance of nutrition, but also may help prevent them from being attacked by predators.

For example, some species like to eat dark-colored sponges which can make it harder for other sea creatures to find them. This can help the starfish avoid being eaten by other predators in the area and increase their chances of survival, which benefits both themselves and the surrounding ecosystem.

While there is no specific harm from eating sponges for starfish, caution should be exercised when choosing among different types so that they do not develop calcium deficiencies or do not do well with certain sponges.

Purpose of Eating Sponges For Starfish

Starfish do not have teeth or stomachs so it is important for them to break down their food before they can consume it.

They do this by injecting a digestive enzyme through their mouth and into the sponge.

This process takes about 25 minutes for sponges to be digested, provided that there are no other competing predators in the area who may steal the meal away from them.

How Do Starfish Eat Sponges?

The process of eating sponges for starfish is actually quite simple. The sea stars will do a “suction” and use their tube feet to do the process. The other starfish will do this with pedicellariae which are small pincers found on the ends of their arms.

Based off of these points, it can be said that eating sponges is not harmful for starfish since they have no predators and do not have a hard shell.

The starfish will continue eating until it feels full or there’s nothing left to eat.

Some starfish do not eat sponges at all, and some will only eat the sponge’s soft inner parts while others may completely destroy a sponge by eating it from both sides until there is nothing left.

There are many benefits to this type of diet for starfish, which include increased energy levels and improved memory retention.

It is also important for starfish to remain healthy, and sponges will provide them with the energy they need.

Type of Starfish That Eat Sponges

There are many different species of starfish that do eat sponges. However, the crown-of-thorns and brittle stars do not do well when they consume them.

There are many types of starfish that do eat sponges including the common sea stars (or Asteroidea) as well as brittle stars (Ophiuroidea), basket stars (Echinoidea) and the beautiful serpent star (Ophidiasteridae). These creatures do not have many predators since they are often found in deep waters with few strong swimmers.


So finally I conclude that, do starfish eat sponges? Yes, they do. Starfish do not need to chew and digest their food like many other animals do, but instead can absorb nutrients from any cells in the sponge through its thin body wall. This is a very good idea for them because it saves energy!

The benefits of eating sponges for starfish are that they do not need to chew and digest their food like many other animals do, but instead can absorb nutrients from any cells in the sponge through its thin body wall. This is a very good idea for them because it saves energy!

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