Do Sharks Like Human Blood? 5 Reasons Why They Like Us!

This article will answer the question do sharks like human blood? We will also cover 5 reasons why they do! 

Sharks have a special sense of smell that helps them find their prey. When a person is bleeding, they release chemicals called hemoglobin and hematocrit into the water which attracts sharks. 

In this article, we will be exploring about the different question on why sharks are attracted to human blood. Read on!

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Do sharks like human blood? Yes, sharks do like the smell of human blood. The reason they don’t taste it is because human blood contains iron, ammonia and high amount of salt. Sharks don’t even like the taste of our skin.

Do Sharks Like Human Blood?

Human blood is one of the many fragrances that shark’s have been known to be attracted to, however do sharks like human blood? 

There are conflicting views on whether or not a shark can detect and enjoy the distinct smell of a person. Some people suggest that some species do in fact show an affinity for it while others believe they do not particularly care either way. 

The distinct smell of human blood is compared to many other fragrances that do in fact attract sharks. But do all species react the same? 

Some shark experts suggest that it could be possible, but they still may not enjoy the taste of it due to an unpleasant encounter with a person or another fish at some point earlier in life.

It is also suggested that a shark may simply recognize the scent of blood in water and react to it out of instinct. 

Many sharks do in fact have a very acute sense of smell, with some species able to detect as little as one part per million! However this does not mean that they are attracted by the human blood’s scent.

Are Sharks Attracted To Human Blood?

Yes, sharks are attracted to human blood and do bite humans in the water. There is a myth that sharks do not attack people, which is false! 

Sharks do like to eat fish but they will also eat anything else if it falls into the ocean such as turtles, seals, whales and yes even other smaller animals including us when we’re swimming or scuba diving.

Like these they are also attracted to humans and do attack people, including surfers and swimmers. They can smell a drop of blood in the water from over a mile away, which is pretty scary!

Below we will be explaining you, why does blood make sharks crazy and with that why do they attack us literally.

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Does Blood Makes Sharks Attack?

Yes, blood makes sharks attack. When a shark smells blood in the water, it thinks there is already food. 

So when more sharks smell the blood, they do not get angry but instead become crazy and attack whatever it sees as their prey.

This is why many people do not swim in the ocean when they know that there has been a shark attack. 

The blood of the person who was attacked attracts more sharks and it becomes very dangerous to be swimming where all those sharks are present around you. 

Why Do Sharks Like Blood?

Thirsty animals, including humans, often sniff the air to locate the scent of water – in order to find drinking sources. 

The same is true for sharks when it comes to locating prey items underwater.

 When a shark detects blood near the surface of the water, they do sometimes mistake this for an injured seal or sea lion bleeding into the ocean.

Which might indicate that it’s injured and unable to escape from sharks below. 

Sharks are opportunistic predators known to follow or track trails of blood in order to source their next meal at more leisurely pace than actively hunting after their supper. 

Blood contains proteins which can nourish them if they cannot find an animal close by that can be scavenged more quickly and easily than waiting for a fish to swim by.

Do Sharks Like The Smell Of Human Blood?

The smell of human blood is a powerful attractant for sharks because of what it represents. The smell of blood means an injured animal is around, and this triggers the shark’s primal urge to hunt down prey so that it can survive.

Sharks do not like the smell of human blood mainly because humans do not have a fishy scent that other sea creatures do. 

What we do have, however, is a very strong scent of urea and ammonia and this – combined with the fact that we do not taste good to sharks – means they can pick us out from anything else in the water.

Sharks can smell human blood, but do not like the taste of it. The blood of a human is not going to provide much in the way of nutritional value for sharks.

Sharks don’t like to taste human blood because it has a lot of iron, which is not good for them. The high level of salt in human blood can do serious harm to sharks and even kill them.

Do Sharks Like The Taste Of Human Blood?

No, sharks don’t like the taste of human blood. In fact, sharks do not need to taste blood in order to hunt their prey – they use smell and hearing instead!

They don’t like the taste of human blood since it is very different from what they like to eat (fish).

Sharks do not need the taste of blood in order for them to hunt their prey, but it can still act as an attractant depending on how much liquid there is. 

This could be enough to bring sharks closer towards humans – and that’s why this should never happen!

Human blood contains a lot of iron and also high amount of salt, which is the main reason why they do not like it.

Do Sharks Like Human Blood Or Fish Blood More?

This question was highly asked by people do sharks like human blood do they prefer fish blood over human blood.

The answer to this question is that, Sharks are meat eaters but their main food source are the fishes and other marine animals not humans or any other creatures for that matter. 

They might go near a bleeding creature out of curiosity because it must have some different smell which they do not experience frequently. 

Sharks do eat fishes and even other smaller sharks so, it is safe to say that they do like the taste of blood but human blood specifically does not attract them at all.

How Much Blood Does It Take To Attract a Shark?

Sharks do not need any amount of blood in order for them to get attracted and attack their prey/victims. 

This means, there will be no difference between more or less blood. 

The only thing that influences the chance of getting attacked by a shark is how close you are from it when it smells your blood. 

If you are very close to it, chances of being attacked will be higher than if you were far away from it. 

However, do not worry too much about this because humans are normally bigger and fatter than the average fish that shark usually eat so they do not need a lot of blood in order for them to feel satisfied with their meal.

Do Great White Sharks Like Human Blood?

Great white sharks do not like human blood, they are even known as the most dangerous sharks because of their size and strength. 

Most people do not know that great white have very sensitive noses, which is why they will attack a person if there is a lot of blood in the water. 

Sharks can smell one drop of blood from over half a mile away. 

This is due to the fact that sharks do not have a sense of smell, but rather their sensing system is based on chemical reactions.

Why Do Sharks Smell Blood? 

The smell of blood in the water is an effective shark attractor. 

Sharks do not have a highly developed sense of taste but they do possess something called Ampullae of Lorenzini which are gel-filled sensory pores on their snouts that can detect electrical fields. 

All fish give off electrical currents and when there is bleeding, even if the blood cannot be seen, it is still detectable by electrodes. 

When a shark detects the smell of blood in the water they know there’s an injured prey animal nearby and that could mean food for them!

Do Sharks Drink Blood? 

No, sharks don’t have lips or the necessary mouth structures to suck up liquids. 

Sharks do drink seawater, gaining all of their water needs from this source and using salt glands in order to remove excess sodium that is absorbed with sea water.

Sharks do not drink human blood, they do however have a very strong sense of smell and may be attracted to the scent of it. 

It is important that swimmers do not swim if there are sharks around as there is no way of knowing how irritated or hungry these might be feeling. 

Does Period Blood Attract Sharks?

Period blood is not considered as a substance that is able to attract sharks. 

Sharks do not feed on menstrual blood and do not attack their prey because it has its period. There are no scientific evidences supporting this theory, but there have been many cases of unprovoked shark attacks each year. 

May it be period blood or any other blood type, sharks do not differentiate it from fish or animal blood. Sharks are mainly attracted by the movement of potential prey and their smell which is mixed with water.

Sharks do not have a highly developed sense of sight like many predatory animals do, but they can detect very small amounts of organic substances in the water around them through their highly developed sense of smell.

How Far Can Sharks Smell Blood?

Sharks do not have a great sense of sight. Despite having excellent eyesight, sharks do rely on their other senses to hunt and survive. 

There is no solid data that indicates how far a shark can smell blood. However, we do know that they do possess this ability and use it as one of the many factors when hunting for prey. 

The concentration of blood and how much is present in the water do play a role. 

Sharks do not need to be directly below or next to its prey for it to detect an odor. Like all living organisms, sharks do smell through their nose (nares). 

When scientists conducted experiments on lemon sharks they were able to capture them with the scent of fish extracts up to 330 feet away. 

This was done in a controlled environment with no other variables present such as currents, waves, and other fish species scents mixing together. 

In the open water where there is more than one smell present or varying smells coming from different directions it can be difficult for sharks to determine which direction the smell is coming from. 

The sharks do have the ability to determine if the blood they smell is from a fish or another species of animal by using their inner ears as well as their sense of smell.

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What Color Is Sharks Blood? 

The color of a sharks blood depends on its diet. A sharks blood can be clear or a milky color if the shark eats fish, but it will have a dark red to blackish in hue if the shark is eating mammals such as seals and dolphins.

The pigment that gives blood (and muscles) their deep crimson color comes from proteins present in animal hemoglobin including myoglobin, which stores oxygen in muscle cells. 

In the oceans, blood from a seal or dolphin will look darker than that of a fish because it contains more myoglobin. 

As vertebrates who must carry their own supply of oxygen for long periods under water, seals and dolphins require proportionally larger quantities of this protein. 

This greater need is reflected in the color of their blood.

The color of sharks is also affected by what it eats. A sharks diet consists of a lot of different things including fish, squid and crustaceans. 

Based on what the shark eats determines its color. The more red-blooded prey it eats, such as tuna or crabs ,the darker in hue their blood will be.

Frequently Asked Question [FAQs]

Can sharks really smell of drop of blood from a mile away?

This is very unlikely because sharks do not have good eyesight so they do not rely on sight to find their prey but rather senses such as smell or hearing. In addition however, blood doesn’t have any scent to humans let alone from distances so there’s no chance sharks can smell it from miles away!

Do sharks taste or just smell blood?

Sharks just smell blood, they don’t taste it. They don’t taste blood because they contains irons and high amount of salt which is not at all good for sharks.

Is fish blood the same as human blood for sharks?

Shark attacks are often associated with beaches where people swim or surf, yet there is no connection between sharks’ fondness for human flesh and their appetite for fish.

Scientists agree that sharks do not like human blood; this has been proven in experimentally controlled cases. However, it remains unclear whether sharks do like the taste of fish blood. Although sharks do not go out hunting for humans, they will attack a human if provoked or confused with another animal.

Are sharks attracted to human urine?

While sharks do like human blood and can smell it from miles away, most shark species do not like the taste of urine. They do not attack unprovoked based on the smell of urine, but if they do detect it, their curiosity might prompt them to approach for a closer look.

So while your pee will probably do no damage to a shark, if they’re hungry enough—or just curious enough—it didn’t hurt at least one poor person who had unwisely urinated in the water off Australia’s Fraser Island and was subsequently attacked by two bull sharks.

Are sharks afraid of their own blood?

No, sharks do not have the ability to detect their own blood. Sharks do sense any changes in pressure or currents that are caused by their own movement or heartbeat which is how they can find food and navigate around obstacles.


Sharks do not like the smell of human blood. It is actually something that sharks do not find pleasant. 

However, there are times when a shark will mistake an injured person for its prey because they have similar scents. 

Sharks are attracted to blood but it does not mean that all sharks prefer the taste of humans over fish or other sea creatures. 

They are only attracted to the scent of blood in the water and do not know if it is coming from a human or another animal. 

If sharks do attack, this is usually due to an injury that they have sustained which has made them more aggressive than usual.

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