Do Fish Have Thoughts? What Do Fish Think About All Day?

Fish do not have thoughts in the way that humans do, but they do have basic sensory and cognitive abilities. They are capable of learning, recognizing patterns, and even exhibiting behaviors that suggest they have some level of consciousness. However, the extent of their cognitive abilities is still a subject of debate among scientists.

Have you ever wondered do fish have thoughts or not? Yes, I doubt this too, because there are no other animals on this earth who can speak.

The way they communicate is by making sounds. They have different sounds for different situations and it is very funny to know that the fish can use their sound to express themselves.

7 Funny Things Fish Think About Humans

Fish indeed have a brain that controls their senses and helps them to live but do they have any thoughts?

Well, it is a fact that fish don’t have any thoughts, but like humans, they may also think about us.

To understand more about their thoughts, I wrote this article.

Here are 7 funny things that they think of us:

1. Weird Creatures

There is no doubt that even we are weird creatures in front of them.

We have such big eyes, noses, ears, mouths, and fingers and they have all those things in a much smaller size than ours.

This is the reason why they are scared of us. We are always trying to eat them and they feel like eating us.

Below are some weird thoughts from them:

“Look at those weird creatures on the land, flopping around like they can’t breathe underwater.”

“Those human beings are crazy and are always looking for food.”

“They can move their eyes all over their heads, but their nose stays stuck in the water. How ridiculous!”

2. Why Do Humans Catch Us?

This can be the common thought a fish can have for us. They think we must catch them.

They think we are doing a good job when we get a large number of fish in the net.

We get excited about our accomplishments and have done the job well.

They may also think that we will eat them and make their food. And they are quite right because they are one of our main sources of protein.

Here’s read their thought:

“Humans spend so much time and money trying to catch us, don’t they have anything better to do?”

“It’s not fair! Why don’t they leave us alone? They can’t keep us as prisoners!”

“We should run away and hide from them.”

3. Why Fake Fishes? Plants? Or Rocks?

We keep different fake elements in our aquarium to make the environment look realistic for our fish.

We use colorful rocks to make our tank look like a real natural place where fish live.

The fake rocks are not only beautiful but also safe for our fish.

It is also useful for our fish to hide from their predators.

But here’s what I think the fish is thinking about:

“They keep putting fake fish in our tank. Don’t they know we can tell the difference?”

“Why would they want to put us in this tank where no one will ever take care of us? We are smart enough to know we need good food and care.”

“These fake fish have bright colors. I hope I had the same”

4. Humans Can’t Swim

Fishes think that as we don’t have fins, we can’t swim.

We only use our arms and legs to move. And this is the reason they might think we are stupid.

They do compare us with their body parts and think we are very slow compared to them.

“Humans think they’re so smart, but they can’t even swim without flailing their arms and legs.”

“Their fins only come out when they are playing in the water. When they’re not playing, their fins stay tucked away in their bodies.”

5. Why Do They Keep Staring at Us?

Will it not be weird if someone stares at you forever?

This is the question that fish always ask when they see a human. But humans do it too. If you try to stare at a fish, it will go away from you.

But if you stare at a person, then he will notice you. That’s why people do it.

Sometimes fish will keep staring at humans for a long time because it never happened to them before.

They are freaked out when humans stare at them.

Here’s what I think they are thinking when we stare us:

“Why do humans keep staring at us? Do they not have anything else to do?”

“Stop staring at me. I am not going to dance for you.”

6. Stop Feeding Boring Food Everyday

This one is quite common and funny.

Humans don’t eat the same food daily, right?

With that in mind, I think even fish desire to have different food every day.

I think they feel bored eating the same thing every day.

So I would recommend that if you are going to feed your fish live food every day try to feed it something different from other days.

Here’s what your fish is saying in mind:

“These humans keep feeding us the same boring fishflakes every day. Don’t they know we like variety?”

“Hey you, You just ate a whole Pizza and fed us the same flakes.”

“What’s so special about these flakes anyway? They look boring and tasteless.”

7. We Are Seeing You. What Else We Can Do?

We do different things to grab the attention of the fish in the aquarium. 

But do the tricks work? Well, I’ll leave this up to you.

But what would the fish think about us at that time, it can be a matter to think about.

But what would the fish think about us at that time, it can be a matter to think about.

Because it is obvious that if someone bothers you again and again, then you will get angry and you will react.

Here’s what can be your fish reaction:

“They keep tapping on the glass, trying to get our attention. Don’t they know we can see them?”

“They keep staring at me from the corner of their eye, so I know that they’re thinking something.”

“I’ve been watching them for the last hour, and they haven’t even moved once, but I’m sure they’re not sleeping.”

Do Fish Have Feelings For Their Owners?

No, fish do not have the emotional capacity to develop feelings toward their owners. While they may recognize their owner and respond to certain stimuli, their behavior is primarily instinctual rather than driven by emotions. Fish also lack the brain structures necessary for processing complex emotions like love or attachment.

Just like a dog or a cat, your pet fish has feelings.

There are plenty of videos that show that fish can feel love and affection.

And there are lots of scientific studies that prove that fish are not only intelligent but also have feelings and emotions.

And there are even studies that prove that animals can recognize the faces of their owners.

So what you may think is impossible for fish isn’t.

But in addition to having emotions, it seems that fish also experience happiness.

Fish seem to enjoy spending time with their owners, and many owners report that their pets seem happy when they’re around.

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What Do Fish Think About All Day?

It is difficult to determine what fish think about all day as they do not have the same cognitive abilities as humans. However, research suggests that fish are capable of learning, memory, and problem-solving, and their behaviors are shaped by their environment and past experiences. They also have individual personalities and can feel pain and stress.

When talking about what fish think about all day, you will find out some quite interesting things.

In a recent survey done by the American Fisheries Society, it was found that fish spend more than 50% of their time sleeping.

Fish sleep at night and awake during the day.

This is normal behavior. However, while fish sleep, they remain in an inactive state.

The brainwaves are at the slowest level, which means that they are not in a conscious state.

But, unlike humans who need eight hours of sleep, fish can survive much less than that.

If fish are not able to catch enough food, they will stop eating and start sleeping.

Below is a table that shows how a fish’s thought process works in different situations:

SituationFish Thought Process
FeedingFish use their sense of smell to locate food, and they use their sight to track it down. They can also learn to associate certain cues with feeding, such as the sound of a feeding bell or the opening of a food container.
Avoiding PredatorsFish have a strong instinct to avoid predators, and they can use their vision, hearing, and sense of touch to detect danger. They may also learn to recognize the appearance and behavior of predators, and they may modify their behavior to avoid them.
MatingFish use a combination of visual and chemical cues to identify potential mates. They may also engage in courtship behavior, such as displaying their fins or swimming in a specific pattern, to attract a mate.
NavigatingFish have an incredible sense of direction and can navigate over long distances using a variety of cues, such as the position of the sun, the Earth’s magnetic field, and landmarks. Some fish, such as salmon, are known for their remarkable ability to return to their natal streams to spawn.
LearningFish have been shown to have impressive cognitive abilities and can learn to solve problems and navigate mazes. They can also learn from experience and remember previous encounters with predators, prey, or other fish.

Here’s a 3-hour-long video you can watch different species of fish shoaling and interact together! It’s amazing! Watch it here.

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Like humans, even fish have unconscious thoughts, feel fear and love, feel pain, have dreams and nightmares, and need to be loved or they become depressed.

Some fish just simply get into the habit of doing things that their owners often take for granted. And it is not always about love.

If you are a fish lover, then you will enjoy the list of 7 funny things fish think of us.

Let us know in the comments section what you think, and be sure to share this article with your friends and family!

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