9 Best Light For Aquarium Plants [LED, Colorful & Natural]

9 Best Light For Aquarium Plants

It is very hard to get an aquarium without a plant in it. Because after adding fishes to the aquarium, plants are the only thing that gives them a natural and beautiful look. However, the beauty of an aquarium depends on the quality of lighting, as the lights can either make your aquarium more beautiful … Read more

15 Signs Of Too Much CO2 In Aquarium [Causes + 5 Solutions]

Signs Of Too Much CO2 In Aquarium

Have you ever noticed your aquarium fish behaving strangely or your plants not growing as they should? If so, you might have too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in your aquarium. While CO2 is essential for plant growth, excess levels can harm aquatic life. This article will explore the signs of too much CO2 in an … Read more

Do Fish Like Being Petted? [Pros and Cons Of Petting a Fish]

Do Fish Like Being Petted

Fish do not like being petted as they lack the necessary receptors for touch sensation. Petting can cause stress and physical harm to fish, leading to illness and even death. It is best to leave fish alone and observe them from a distance to prevent any harm. Petting animals is something we often do to … Read more

Do Fish Have Thoughts? What Do Fish Think About All Day?

Do Fish Have Thoughts

Fish do not have thoughts in the way that humans do, but they do have basic sensory and cognitive abilities. They are capable of learning, recognizing patterns, and even exhibiting behaviors that suggest they have some level of consciousness. However, the extent of their cognitive abilities is still a subject of debate among scientists. Have … Read more