20 Good Betta Tank Mates For Your Tank #5 Is Beautiful

Betta fish, which we also know as Siamese fighting fish.

This fish is trendy for the aquarium hobby.

Because they are very aggressive, they called fighting fish. This is the reason we find it difficult to know betta tank mates to keep with your present betta fish.

And what makes it most unique is its beauty and the color of its fantastic body.

Since betta fish are very aggressive and while being a fishkeeper. 

We have to think about which other fish can live with them. 

So that both the fish should not face any problem, and they will have a long time.

Today, in this article, we will discuss that which are 20 good betta tank mates that can live with a betta.

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And if there is some fish in your knowledge that we can add to the list, so please tell us in the comment section. We would love it.

How To Choose Right Betta Tank Mates?

Betta fish are very aggressive in small spaces, so always be careful to keep them in a big fish tank.

I would like to tell you to keep your betta fishes in at least 10-20 gallons. With good aquarium stones and aquarium plants.

Because they are very angry, we have to take care of this thing that not to keep them with fish that are slow swimmers. And do not keep them with fish with longfin.

Also, keep in mind that you should never keep single fish with betta fish. Believe me, my betta fish bothers a single fish a lot.

I would tell you to keep the betta fish with those fish who swim a lot and they should be at least 5-6 fish.

And you also have to pay attention to the fact that the fish you are keeping with betta fish are not very aggressive.

Watch this awesome 4 min video on how to choose the right betta tank mates? and also for you, I have given 2 amazing tips to keep them together right below this video.

Let me give you 2 very good TIP to keep them together:

First of all, you should pay attention to this thing. when you are setting up your aquarium. Make sure you should put other fish in it first. For about 1-2 weeks.

With this, it will be that the fish that are there will be set there and will make a house of their own. And then after that, you put betta fishes in it.

My Second TIP is that. If something like this deteriorates, then you should buy another aquarium. To keep them, individual.

So let’s now tell you which 20 fish are there that can live in the same fish tank with betta fish without any problem.

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20 Betta Tank Mates: Fish That Can Live With Bettas

So now you know how you can keep other fishes with betta fishes.

So let’s discuss this now, which ones are those fish that you can keep well in the same tank with them

And it would be nice if you tell us different fish from our list, which we have missed. Please tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

So while not lengthening the article, I take you directly to our list.

What are good tank mates for bettas?


betta tank mates - guppy fish

Keeping Guppy fish and Betta fish together is a perfect decision.

Guppy fish are very colorful and people love to see them in the tank.

But there is one thing on which you need to pay attention. 

Whenever you want to have guppy fish with betta fish. Look at their gender well.

If you do this thing wrong then you will be doing your lot harm.

I am giving you complete information on how to put them together according to gender right below this video.

The Gender Of Betta & Guppies

It is only through the gender of fishes that their Behavior revealed.

How can they live with other fish in the same tank, with different or same fishes?

According to my fishing career, more and more female fish are angrier than male fish.

Because female fish is faster than male fish and she does not like to live with other genders or other fish.

So we have to experiment with everything and see which gender will match which gender.

So first we will learn about male bettas and male guppies. Then male bettas and female guppies. Then female bettas and male guppies, and female bettas and female guppies.

Male Bettas and Male Guppies

Well, it is not advisable.

It is a very worst combination to keep these two in the same tank.

Both male bettas and male guppies are very angry at each other. And they can also kill each other.

Putting these two together can be dangerous.

Because male betta fish becomes mature soon. This is the reason they become aggressive and they don’t fit with other male fishes.

And those fancy guppies have a long and quite sharp tail. This makes Betta Fish very angry and considers it a competition.

Still, keeping these two together should be a workout.

And if you still want to keep these two together, then you will need a big tank which has a lot of hiding places.

Note: As I told you first, It is not advisable so, please pay attention to this thing.

Male Bettas and Female Guppies

Yes, It is possible to keep male bettas and female guppies together.

There are many good reasons for this. Let me write down all it for you.

The first reason behind this is that female guppy are a lot slower than male guppies.

So there is always a possibility to keep them together in the same tank.

But you have to focus on only one thing.

They are the fish compatible with bettas but betta fish can also harm or hurt them if they look fancy and colorful.

If the female guppy is having long fins then this is also a major issue for them.

Because the male bettas take them as a competition.

But not to worry about the female guppies. If there are some other fishes. Like flag tailed endless, rummy nose tetra, leopard danio, Celebes rainbow fish, etc.

I would consider you to have a 20-gallon fish tank and some community fish. Believe me, the result you will find from this will be amazing. Like the idea? Tell us in the comment section.

Female Bettas and Female Guppies

This is one of the best combinations to have female bettas and female guppies in a single tank.

Female guppies are not as aggressive as the male guppies.

They can fit with female bettas and live.

If you want to keep bettas and guppies together.

This gender combination will work best for you.

Here is a small tip from my friend Harshad to keep your betta and guppy fish healthy:

‘ The best tank size I recommend to keep female bettas and female guppies together is to have a 5-gallon fish tank. No need to check the water on a regular basis instead do it weekly. Have over 5 female guppies and 5 female bettas. Have a water tester to check nitrates. Also, add a weekly additive that will help to keep the water balanced. Clean your tank weekly on a checking basis. And do isolate female guppies when they show signs of pregnancy. And you will be happy knowing, so far I have one baby who lives and develops into an adult. Happy fishkeeping!’

Female Bettas and Male Guppies

Well, in my terms it is not advisable to keep female betta and male guppies together in a single tank.
There is a strong reason behind this.

You would think it is okay to keep male guppies with female bettas since they are not aggressive.

Well, it’s not like that.

In most of the parts, Male guppies would mistake female bettas for breeding to have more guppies.

If the female betta won’t pleased with the male guppy then they are gonna attack your guppy.

Note: Since this is not advisable. It is better to avoid keeping them together. And go with female bettas and female guppies for the best result.

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