9 Best Light For Aquarium Plants [LED, Colorful & Natural]

It is very hard to get an aquarium without a plant in it. Because after adding fishes to the aquarium, plants are the only thing that gives them a natural and beautiful look.

However, the beauty of an aquarium depends on the quality of lighting, as the lights can either make your aquarium more beautiful or less attractive.

The lights play a very important role, and it is very difficult to find a perfect lighting system.

In this article, I will share with you some of the best light for aquarium plants.

9 Best Light For Aquarium Plants

If you have already started your aquarium, then you can take the help of these 9 lights that will give your aquarium the right lighting.

There are different types of aquarium lights and they are available in different colors.

Nowadays, some lights are designed specifically for aquarium plants.

They will emit more UV light, which will make the plants grow faster.

So, if you are looking for aquarium lights, you should try one of these 9 lights.

1. Hygger LED Tank Light with Extendable Bracket

Hygger LED Tank Light with Extendable Bracket

This light is really good and worth the money. It is very bright, easy to use, and easy to change colors.

It has a nice timer. It is very easy to put together.

I have a small aquarium, so I don’t know if it would work in a larger one.

I have a lot of plants and I noticed that the plants are brighter and look better when they are closer to the light than farther away.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it uses just 22 watts. It uses 3.7 volts, and it takes about 2.8 amps.

It’s a lot more efficient than other LED lights, but it’s still a little expensive. I’m sure it will last longer than any other LED light.

I love how the light turns from white to blue and red and green to purple. This makes it easier to tell the difference between plants.

It also has a timer. I haven’t used it yet, but it sounds cool.

How it can help aquarium plants:

  • The Hygger LED Aquarium Light provides a natural lighting cycle that can promote healthy plant growth in aquariums.
  • The ability to set custom color, brightness, and time settings allows for optimal lighting conditions tailored to the specific needs of the plants.
  • The high color rendering index ensures that plants receive adequate light for photosynthesis, contributing to their overall well-being.

2. NICREW Classic LED Plus Aquarium Light

NICREW ClassicLED Plus Aquarium Light

It’s great that Classic LED technology is so advanced, allowing you to match your lighting needs to the exact plant species.

I was looking for something that could replace the halogen fixture I used to have, but which had the added benefit of being able to change the color spectrum and intensity of the light.

This aqua light does exactly that and much more.

The spectrum can be adjusted and set to mimic natural sunlight, a dimmer setting, a ramp-up of bright light during the day, and finally, a slow dimming down to complete darkness.

The light is extremely efficient, lasting longer than the halogen fixture. And best of all, it doesn’t have any mercury.

This aquarium light is good for plants because:

  • Full-spectrum lighting provides the necessary wavelengths for plant growth.
  • Adjustable spectrum allows customization to meet specific plant requirements.
  • High-color rendition accurately reproduces natural plant colors.
  • Suitable for low to medium light plants.
  • Gradual ramp-up and dim-down simulate natural lighting transitions.
  • Adjustable brightness for optimal light intensity.

3. Hygger Auto On-Off LED Aquarium Light

Hygger Auto On Off LED Aquarium Light

The Hygge 957 aquarium is a very nice looking, very functional, low-voltage aquarium light with a few surprises.

In my experience, most aquarium lights are not very well built and they are always in the shape of a cube.

This light is different. It’s made out of metal and has an LED light inside instead of a bulb.

This light is very good at producing light for your fish and plants without blinding them.

The spectrum is very broad, so you will get plenty of red, blue, and green light to grow plants and to see what’s going on in your tank.

I also really like the fact that it has an IP68 rating. You can put it in the rain or use it outside with no problem.

It’s water resistant, so if you have a fish that likes to take naps in the shade, this is the perfect solution.

The Hygger 957 Planted Aquarium Light is beneficial for plants because:

  • It offers a programmable 24-hour light cycle, simulating natural lighting conditions for optimal growth.
  • You can customize the intensity and colors of the light to meet the specific needs of your plants.
  • The sunrise and sunset functions provide a gradual transition to prevent light shock and reduce stress.
  • The moonlight mode offers gentle illumination during the night, allowing plants to rest.
  • Customized color combinations can be saved for different growth stages of plants.
  • The aluminum shell ensures effective heat dissipation, protecting the plants from overheating.

4. SEAOURA Led Aquarium Light

SEAOURA Led Aquarium Light

This was my first submersible aquarium light.

I just got the kit in the mail yesterday and I’m already amazed.

It comes with everything you need to get started. It’s a pretty easy setup too, took me maybe 30 mins or so to figure out how to get it going.

All you do is take off the outer shell, turn the tank water on low, and put the light into the water.

After that’s done, set the timer to the amount of time you want the light on and turn it off.

There’s a button on the top that you press to turn on and off.

It’s pretty nice because it doesn’t waste any electricity, it just turns on when you need it and shuts off when you don’t.

The SEAOURA Aquarium Plant Light is perfect for aquariums and plants because of its:

  • Full Spectrum Lighting: It provides 6500k white light, red light, green light, and blue light, mimicking natural sunlight and promoting healthy growth.
  • Adjustable Brightness: With 10 intensity levels, you can customize the brightness for optimal plant growth.
  • Color Options: Multiple color modes create visually appealing effects and stimulate fish.
  • Submersible Design: It’s fully waterproof and can be safely placed underwater, providing direct light to aquatic plants.
  • High-Quality LED Chips: These chips ensure even and efficient illumination while adding a sleek look to your aquarium.
  • Timer Function: The built-in timer allows for consistent lighting cycles.
  • Power-Off Memory: Settings are retained after a power outage, ensuring your desired lighting schedule is maintained.

5. SEAOURA 24/7 Mode LED Aquarium Light

SEAOURA 247 Mode LED Aquarium Light

This is such a beautiful and sophisticated aquarium light!

It’s a great idea to have a light to simulate the sun cycle.

The light’s quality is great, the brightness is adjustable and the color is beautiful. There is a lot of flexibility when using the light.

You can set the time and the color of the light to fit your needs.

My favorite setting is the 12-hour cycle which is nice because it simulates sunrise and sunset as well as mimicking the natural cycle.

The light looks great and I love that you can turn it on manually.

It does not take much time to get used to the light, as it has a simple setup procedure and it fits perfectly in my aquarium.

This aquarium plant light is amazing for aquarium plants because:

  • Natural Lighting Simulation: It simulates the sun’s cycle, providing a natural lighting experience that supports plant growth.
  • Full Spectrum and Customizable Colors: The light offers full spectrum and customizable colors, promoting photosynthesis and enhancing the plants’ aesthetics.
  • Adjustable Brightness Levels: You can adjust the brightness to meet the specific needs of your plants.
  • 24/7 Cycle Mode: The light maintains a consistent lighting schedule for optimal plant growth.
  • Durability and Energy Efficiency: It has a durable aluminum alloy shell, acts as a heat sink, and is energy-efficient.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: It’s easy to install and clean, with a waterproof design.

6. Hygger Clip On 24/7 Light

Hygger Clip On 247 Light

This is a cool and affordable LED aquarium light for fish tanks.

It has a clip mount so you can hang it from the side of the tank.

There are 3 options for brightness, including a dimmer switch. The unit looks good and works well.

You can control which colors are being lit and how bright they are with the controls on the top. You can also change the color to white or off.

There’s no doubt that this is an affordable quality aquarium light, but it has some features that make it worth the money.

It includes a dimmer switch which allows you to make adjustments to the light output while not changing the color.

Also, the LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours.

For this price point, I think this is a great LED light.

The Hygger aquarium light is a great choice for aquarium plant keepers due to several reasons:

  • Full Spectrum Lighting: It provides a full spectrum of light that supports optimal plant growth.
  • Customizable Parameters: The DIY mode allows adjusting time, brightness, and color for tailored lighting conditions.
  • High-Quality Light: With a high CRI of up to 85%, it replicates natural light for healthy plant development.
  • Long Service Life: The light has a lifespan of at least 50,000 hours, reducing maintenance needs.
  • Effective Heat Dissipation: The aluminum construction ensures efficient heat dissipation, preventing plant damage.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for aquariums ranging from 12” to 20” in length, accommodating different tank sizes.

7. KZKR Aquarium Light

KZKR Aquarium Light

This is an excellent LED light for a wide range of applications. It works great in the tank.

I like that it is made of metal, which means you do not need to worry about the plastic tank leaking on the bulb. It is also extremely durable.

It can be dimmed down and has three different settings that you can use as needed. It is quite sturdy and has a large surface area for your plants to grow on.

It is pretty bright for a light and also offers a good amount of heat that is generated from it but does not overheat. I have been using this light for a while now and have no problems with it.

If you want a really good aquarium light for a reasonable price then you cannot go wrong with this light.

The KZKR LED Aquarium Light helps aquarium plants in the following ways:

  • Full Spectrum Lighting: Provides a wide range of light wavelengths, including red, blue, and green, essential for plant growth.
  • Mimics Natural Sunlight: Replicates natural sunlight, promoting photosynthesis and nutrient absorption.
  • Promotes Photosynthesis: Stimulates the process of converting carbon dioxide and nutrients into oxygen and glucose, supporting plant growth.
  • Enhances Plant Coloration: Brings out vibrant colors and patterns in aquarium plants.
  • Adjustable Lighting Modes: Offers three control modes for customized lighting conditions.
  • Suitable Intensity and Coverage: Provides sufficient brightness and adjustable brackets to cover the entire aquarium.
  • Energy Efficient: Consumes low energy while delivering ample light output.
  • Creates Optimal Environment: Supports healthy plant growth and contributes to a balanced aquatic ecosystem.

8. MingDak Submersible LED Aquarium Light

MingDak Submersible LED Aquarium Light

This tank light has a very nice design.

The blue and white lights brighten up the tank, and the timing function makes it very easy to set up the lights to match my tank’s lighting requirements (i.e. no lights during the day, but lights on during the night).

It has two different lighting modes (white and blue), and the dimmer controls are easy to use.

It also comes with suction cup mounts so that it can be placed in the aquarium with ease, and the light has been designed to be water-proof and to be mounted anywhere inside the aquarium.

All in all, this is a great piece of equipment!

It may not seem like a big deal, but for people who have aquariums that are not as large, this can make a difference!

How it can help aquarium plants:

  • The ultra-bright white LEDs with a color temperature of 7000-7500k provide sufficient light for plant growth.
  • The combination of white and blue light helps plants flourish by enhancing their color and overall appearance.
  • The built-in timer ensures plants receive consistent lighting durations, promoting their health and vitality.

9. KZKR Multi-Color Remote Control Light

KZKR Multi-Color Remote Control Light

I received my aquarium light from Amazon as a gift and I was pretty impressed.

This is a very nice aquarium light that provides all the features that I need.

It is well-built and sturdy. I like that it uses LED bulbs, so there is no noise or flickering.

It looks great in my tank and I love the colors.

I love having lights that provide some color and I liked the idea of using a dimmable aquarium light instead of a single-color light. This one comes with all that features!

This aquarium light works great in both modes (dimming and DIY) and I am very happy with it. The fact that it comes with a remote control makes it even better.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a nice aquarium light.

How this product helps aquarium plants:

  • The customizable DIY mode allows you to set the optimal light color, brightness, and duration for each period, promoting the growth of aquarium plants.
  • The WRGB lamp beads simulate natural light without distortion, providing the most accurate colors for aquatic plants and helping you appreciate their beauty.
  • The energy-efficient LED technology ensures the plants receive adequate light while consuming less electricity.
  • The aluminum shell design effectively dissipates heat, preventing overheating and potential plant damage.

Is LED light enough for aquarium plants?

While aquarium lights are crucial to your plant’s health, they don’t have to be exclusively LED.

Although they have been a fixture in most homes for decades, fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) are slowly being phased out.

The newest and most efficient form of light is LED.

The energy efficiency of LED light is astronomical compared to other forms of lighting.

In short, yes, if you don’t overdo it with the amount of lights that you use.

In my opinion, it would not hurt to add some incandescent light bulbs on occasion, or maybe even a grow bulb.

What is the best natural light for an aquarium?

The best natural light for an aquarium is sunlight.

This is because sunlight is free, and is readily available to most people.

However, if you can’t or don’t want to rely on sunlight, artificial light is just as good.

I use a T12 bulb from Amazon, but any good-quality incandescent bulb will do.

When we talk about sunlight a few times per day is all you need.

Plants need light to grow but don’t need a lot of light. They are happiest at around 4 feet above the surface of the water.

But, what matters the most is the placement of the tank and the direction of the light.

For example, I have my tank placed in a window. This allows me to get the most natural light possible while keeping it away from any walls, which could make the temperature fluctuate.

The direction of the light also makes a difference. Sunlight comes from above and to the sides.

You want to place the light so that it is hitting the plants directly in front of them. In other words, the light should be going from their backside, into their front side.

Which Colour light is best for aquariums?

I think the answer is all color lights, however, if you are looking at just one color light, then UV/Blue or Cool White is best.

Both of these spectrums allow you to grow plants with ease, without the need to use any special lighting.

Cool white is often called the best color for aquariums, as it allows you to grow a variety of plants quickly.

However, if you have a different light, it may not always be the best choice.

But, if you have the right type of light, then your aquarium should be fine.

To see what light will work best in your particular case, you should try a few different lights.

For example, you can get the lights at different temperatures and different lengths of time.


Is yellow LED light good for aquarium plants?

Yellow LED lights for aquarium plants are just to give them a shiny look and glow effects. The only difference between yellow and the others is that yellow is a little more intense than the other lights. Therefore, it can give plants a brighter and more focused look. It does not have any effect on plant growth.

What Colour LED is best for aquarium plants?

I think the blue color LED works best for aquarium plants. The blue light even helps the plants to produce chlorophyll, which helps with growth. Some plant species are more sensitive than others and may even need red light to grow and bloom properly.


When it comes to choosing the best light for aquarium plants, it’s important to consider their specific lighting requirements to ensure their health and growth.

A well-lit aquarium not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also provides the necessary light spectrum for photosynthesis, which is vital for plant survival.

Below, I’ve compiled the following conclusion to help you make an informed decision on selecting the ideal light for your aquarium plants.

Understand plant lighting needs:

Different aquarium plants have different light needs. Some thrive in low-light conditions, while others do not.

Check out the types of plants in your aquarium and research their lighting needs before lighting them.

This knowledge will help you choose the best light for your plants.

Consider the light spectrum:

Plants use red and blue light to make food.

The balance of the spectrums is important for growth.

If you want your plants to receive the appropriate light wavelength for optimal photosynthesis, look for lights that have a full spectrum or adjusted color settings.

Determine the light intensity:

Light intensity is measured in terms of PAR to determine the brightness and penetration of light into the water.

Make sure the light you choose provides adequate PAR levels for your plants.

High-light plants need around 50-80 PAR, while low-light plants need around 15-30 PAR.

The intensity should be adjusted based on the plant’s requirements.

Select the appropriate light fixture:

Depending on the size of your aquarium, you’ll need to choose a light fixture.

There are options such as metal halide lamps and fluorescent bulbs.

They are a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts due to their long lifespan and energy-efficient qualities.

When choosing a light fixture, consider factors such as cost, energy efficiency, and longevity.

Evaluate user reviews and recommendations:

It is possible to get valuable insights from reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations.

Way I shared my review of these nine lights in this article.

Positive feedback about their performance, longevity, and overall quality is what you should look for.

It is possible to make an informed purchase decision by avoiding potential issues.

By following these guidelines, you can provide an optimal lighting environment for your aquarium plants, promoting their growth and enhancing the beauty of your aquatic ecosystem.

Remember to regularly monitor and adjust the lighting as needed to ensure the well-being of your plants.